Thursday, August 14, 2008


"you haven't gone more than a week this summer without a new injury," she quips. i took it as the joke it was intended, but then i realized, there's a good bit of truth to it.

for the better part of the summer, i've been going to physical therapy for a snowboarding injury reaggravated by running when i was home for mom's birthday. the toll: four weeks of physical therapy, two times a week. the benefit, a stronger lower back and the beginnings of a six-pack.

as that injury abated, i did something to the middle of my back. not sure what, but the vertebrae between my shoulder blades somehow torqued itself out of place. amateur home chiropractics did not help the situation. two weeks later, i woke up magically feeling better.

my subconscious compensation for the initial back injury apparently wore out my left leg. no sooner did my back feel better than my joints all screamed, "hey, my turn!" last night at the gym, my first real climbing injury in quite a while.

quirky V5, confounding us all. big, tensiony first move. bump left hand up to bad sidepull, adjust feet, go big left. ceiling right heel hook, suck in the core, and reach for a bad sloping edge. left foot out of sight, turn that drop knee and POP! i crumple to the ground, motionless on my face, holding my left knee in agony.

so here i sit today. just iced it, some vitamin I, wrapped up tight, gingerly moving. man, it's hell getting old!

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You had me at Merlot. said...

Exercise is for losers. See no pain no pain. I feel fine. Pass the wine not the whine.