Tuesday, March 3, 2009

weather adjustments

From today's Post:
President Obama might have taken note after grousing last month when Sidwell Friends School, where his children go, closed for a smaller storm. "This might be what the president considers a serious snowstorm," his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said. Sidwell was closed again yesterday, and public schools in the District opened two hours late.
Schools were closed in Montgomery County for the third snow day this year and in Fairfax and Prince George's counties, for the second. All three school systems announced two-hour delays for today.
Virginia declared a state of emergency, calling it the worst storm in eight years. Local airports saw numerous delays and cancellations, although operations were mostly back to normal by late afternoon.

I figured it out. There's a reason why six inches of snow snarls things to a halt around here. The road crews and residents just aren't used to it. The road crews in all the lands that laugh at Beltway residents when a few flakes fall have far more practice at clearing up wintry precipitation. They get it at least yearly, if not several times a year. Twelve solid hours of snow would be cleared quickly by their more experienced crews and their more numerous trucks.

I think from here on out, I ought to expect a day off for a good dose of snow and a two-hour delay for the day after. Today marks the second such string. It'll all be gone by the weekend according to the weather reports. Wonder if that means I can hop on my bike and ride around this weekend in the called-for sixties.

We'll see.

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Tim said...

Being at work yesterday, I was one of only 3 employees. But you make a good point. Despite the fact that when this place gets 2 inches of dry snow and the town shuts down like the cloverfield monster has just emerged from underground....it's mostly that it's just not a commonplace occurrence.

I'm from a town in Arizona of all places that gets more powder then this on a regular basis, but we just accept it as the norm, throw on a heavy jacket and trudge through it. In contrast Phoenix will get a 1/2 inch of rain and people drive into each other on the freeways cause they've never seen precip before.

I'll bring a beer to the office next time it snows hard since I'll be all alone.