Monday, September 1, 2008

fall saturdays are here at last!

after a summer of lazing away on my bike or reading in the sunshine or climbing the rocks, football season just plain snuck up on me. i can't wait for the big games to come along, oh, next week.

start off the day walking around eastern market. people watching, sidewalk musician listening, art appreciating. go to the deli, munch on an incredible chicken salad sandwich, read a book in the sunshine.

walk down pennsylvania avenue towards the pour house, orange and blue around me. belly up to the bar, and make some friends while waiting on bubba and liz. rawls & mary pam show up first. watch some of virginia tech's first half before our game kicks off. worry a little in the first half, then the gators pour on the points effortlessly. say my goodbyes to the friends old and new, walk towards the capitol with the happy couple.

hop on my bike and take off down pennsylvania, weaving through tourists and tour buses and traffic. past the capitol dome, museums, the white house. cross the key bridge back into the old dominion and take a beverage break. weather couldn't have been nicer. low 80s, cloudless skies. eight mile ride or so.

hit the showers, lay around on the couch, watching football. if i can't be at the swamp, i guess saturday was a damn fine alternative. go gators!

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