Tuesday, September 23, 2008

all things considered

strike one, slept in until seven this morning. oops. i don't like hurrying in the morning, even less so when someone else is depending on me. i had to pick up casey at 7:20. mcdonald's southern style chicken biscuit and a sweet tea is not the way i usually choose to start my day.

i made my lunch last night. strike two, it's still in my fridge. i realized the problem as soon as we pulled into the parking lot at school. fortunately, i was able to order out for lunch on the playground. it showed up with five minutes to spare for my lunch period. fortunately times two, the guidance counselor scheduled an introductory lesson after lunch for me today so i was able to quietly eat my sub & salad while she taught.

all things considered, strike three could've come anywhere. nothing major anyhow. here i sit at home, bored and waiting for that third one to come in, high and tight.

sure hope i don't whiff on it!

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