Monday, December 8, 2008

rock tour

whisperings and rumors finally came to fruition yesterday. there are boulders in them thar hills. i got to climb on them. hooray!

no names. local crag. access related issues, high traffic would be detrimental to climbers' access. like kids looking like we were doing something wrong, we disappeared into the woods on the social trails near the river. i'd been tramping around in these woods a time or two on my own, but not with the guru of the crag.

some of the boulders we walked past, i'd never considered climbing. it was like a new roll of bright pink tape had been laid all over the rock and bright blue matting beneath it. now i know that established climbs exist. i don't have the first ascensionist's vision. maybe next summer with a back of my brain idea to go climbing in rocklands, but not yet.

i climbed well. i shivered. i got to know some locals that climb outdoors. it was the luck of the draw pretty much and paying attention to the message board. talking to this cragger yesterday, i discovered that the open invite was unintentionally directed at me. i'm glad i received the message. a few projects now ready to go down next time i get a free, dry weekend day. who's with me next time?


Tim said...

Wait there is climbing OUTDOORS too? I thought out east that crags were supposed to imitate plastic gyms....not the other way around. I might just have to give this whole bouldering thing another shot.

P.S. Will these problems include a golden retriever barking, a deer, and a leaf blower all within audible range? Otherwise its not a real crag to me.

Mr. J said...

No golden retriever, no leaf blower, but plenty of deer checking us out at one of the boulders. First, we saw three. Once our eyes relaxed, we saw twice that many plus some yearlings afoot, all flashing their white-tailed rumps at us.