Wednesday, February 18, 2009

going big

Going big does always lead to going home. Going big too often leads to staying home sometimes when you'd rather be out enjoying life. This weekend was one such case of circumstances combining with fatigue to keep me in on what turned out to be a pretty spectacular weather weekend.

Too bad.

A lack of planning on our parts led to a lack of plans. Climbing would have been good; alas, the local place we chose in our shortsight turned out to be sketchy access, so we bailed on it. The weather turned out too warm to hit the slopes, so no riding either. Conversely, the temps were too cold for too much bike riding, so as you know, I was relegated to climbing in a gym with seemingly perfect, dry conditions.

I miss my Florida sunshine, but I reckon I'll get a good dose of it in a few weeks when I go back for two weddings. That'll be pretty darn close to springtime, and all I'll be hoping for up here is some warmer temps. That'll lead to bigger trips for bigger rocks and bigger sends. For now, I'll have to settle for the fleeting glimpses of sunlight I get through my classroom window and my windshield in the mornings. Lord knows I haven't been out of here early enough lately to catch those late afternoon rays!

Spring break is fast approaching, and plans are set to see some big walls. Yosemite granite is calling my name. I doubt I'll get on El Capitan or Salathe Wall, but I might try to soak up some history via Midnight Lightning. Lyn Hill makes it look so easy on video. I doubt my lanky frame can do what her nasty strong five feet two inches breezed through, but it'll be fun to try.

That's all I got. Back to the grindstone.

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Anonymous said...

Be Jota! When are these weddings for which you're coming south, and are they anbody I know? Maybe Jewski and Marc are finally getting hitched?

If you're going to be spending nay time in G'ville, let me know, and I'd be glad to meet up with you for a pint.

I read your blog about the black diamond slope, and I had a similar experience out in Vail a few weeks ago. Third day on the slopes, and I was getting pretty comfortable on some of the blues, so I figured I'd take a shortcut to the lift down a brief stretch of black diamond slope. Not bad at first, then the sun went behind a cloud and I couldn't make out any of the terrain. Falling ensued.

- Mike J.