Wednesday, November 7, 2007

almost done

aunt barb gave me a table that had been passed around by my cousins. i'm the fourth one to use it. as i loaded it in my truck a month ago, both dom and angela said i couldn't bring it back. i think i'll keep it. it was oak on the bottom, ugly faux-wood formica on top.

yes, the paintjob is my doing. (ok, that's not entirely accurate. so thank you, msz. picasso.)


rachel said...

wow, nice job. very professional looking :)

Anonymous said...

Looks better than I imagined.


Mr. J said...

you know, ma, you could just sign it ma (or was it you, pop?)

Mike said...

I like.

How did you get the paint job done like that? Did you have to retape it?

Mr. J said...

yep, i should've taken photos for before, during and after. too late now. it took 2 retapings. last night was touch up for the perfectionist in me. tonight, edges.

need to figure out how to protect the top of it though.