Sunday, November 18, 2007


going to the grocery store on the sunday before thanksgiving is positively insane! everyone in their sunday best after church, cart bumper to bumper traffic. young folks like me, young couples celebrating their first or second thanksgiving at their house, older couples guiding their children through the store. ordinarily, i try to avoid such insanity. oddly, i didn't mind the craziness at all.

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for one simple reason: it's incorrubtible. commercialism cannot corrupt this holiday. the true meaning can be lost, but rarely is that the case for those who celebrate it. for me, it's about thankfulness and togetherness. no matter what disruptive events of my life lead up to the holiday, i always make sure that i step back and smile about that which is good in my life. a big meal is one thing; being thankful for all else in our lives is another. i know i lead a blessed life. trials come and go, but much causes smiles.

this is the first year that i've not been in florida for thanksgiving. i'm excited for my parents to see the new life i'm carving out. i hope i don't screw up the turkey!

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