Wednesday, November 14, 2007


woke up yesterday morning, and got the dreaded d.c. news. overturned semi on my way to work. back ups from the exit i take off 395 to the district. that'd be roughly 15 miles. guess that's what happens when 6 lanes need to become one.

so, i had to improvise. back roads around here are harder to come by and traffic lights are harder to predict. traffic patterns are fickle at best. what's clear one day is snarled the next for no discernible reason. leaving 5 minutes earlier or later can cause smooth sailing or tension headaches. yesterday took about 15 minutes more than usual because it included the beltway. today, i got a late start and it took me 5 minutes less because 395 was practically empty. i can't quite wrap my head around it.

one thing's for sure, there's far more roads than the two-lanes i got used to zipping down in the 'ville. far more cars, too, but that's immaterial for the most part. what still takes the most adjustment for me is flat-out not knowing how to get somewhere without a map. but i've mused on that recently, so i'm gonna hit the sack. stay well!

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You had me at Merlot. said...

Wow, that was such an informative blog! I drive a Dodge Stratus.