Saturday, October 25, 2008

commuting + tomfoolery = carfoolery

the last two weeks, i've been in a funk at work. it's carried over to home, too. i'm just tired all the time. work is a stressful drag, even though i have a wonderful class this year. as was the case my third year teaching, i couldn't ask for a better class. even my troubled-is-as-troubled-does is having a helluva good year. i'm feeling mighty optimistic that his improvement from the beginning of second grade to the end of third will be monumental. it's early yet, but the first set of crossroads have passed.

thursday morning, i figured out one cause of my general malaise. i was pretty much sleepwalking to work in the mornings. i am a social creature and having someone to talk to in the mornings about something besides work wakes me up better than coffee. i had that in florida with my mother hens. they'd ask about this and that, pick my brain about who i was dating, what i did over the weekend, where i was going climbing next. how i miss that normal banter that makes me feel like a human instead of a robot! back to the present, my morning commute this year has restored that interaction to a large degree. the days that i carpool, i am more alert throughout the day. i get to bullshit about life outside of school with a friend before getting to school and talking shop for 10 hours.

small story, laughter is better than caffeine. time to go watch some football. chomp chomp.


rachel said...

I find the same thing with my carpool. The girl I drive with was sick a few weeks ago, and the drive was awful. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. But when we ride together the drive seems much much shorter and I don't feel tired at all because we're talking the whole time.

You had me at Merlot. said...

Go GATORS! I take the subway, its kinda the same thing for me...except I spend most of the time picking the person to sit next to that looks least likely to vomit on me.