Friday, May 22, 2009

middle names

A short one for your Friday enjoyment.

We were starting capital letters in cursive with the capital A & C. I realized soon after the lesson began that few of the students would be able to use either letter to write their names. No matter. Turns out it helped one first name and one last. Then the middle names come into play.

One girl pipes up, "My middle name's Ann. Now I can spell it!"

A look of recognition flashes in another's eyes, as if to say, "Me too!"

I add to the chorus, "My mom's middle name is Ann as well!"

Not to be outdone, one of my quiet boys put the class in stitches, "My middle name's Ann, too!"

About half the class heard him and about died laughing. I didn't repeat it for the ones that missed it; their fault for not paying attention. Good stuff. I'd say better than my bathroom sneaker last year. It's that time of year.

Eighteen left, not that I'm counting...

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