Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what i would've done

Were my life circumstances slightly altered, I may have handled the last two weeks entirely differently. Without my leaning post to keep me upright and sunny side up, I might've retreated back into my introverted cave. I might've reverted to old habits. I might've left it all behind again, packed up this time and headed to Colorado or some other point out west. Climbing and snowboarding and dirtbagging sounded pretty good. I'm sure I'd get sick of it pretty quickly. I need to feel grounded. Maybe my wanderlust is fading.

Here's to a new start and putting down roots. I hope the county'll let me stay wherever I land for longer than two years. I don't yet know why my purpose at this school was limited to two years' time. Maybe in several years, it will become more apparent. I hope I can maintain contact with some of these students. This year has been pretty spectacular, and I really feel connected to this class. They know me, and I feel like I know them. It hasn't happened for a few years, that's for sure.

I hope I find it again wherever this traveling teaching show lands next.


Mike said...

Well its certainly a new course of action for you :)

I doubt that wanderlust will ever completely go away( at least i hope not). Here's to road trips and traveling abroad!

Now you just have a place to come home after the traveling is over :)

Tim said...

I know the feeling everyday. You have great circumstances right now and it's hard to resist the temptation, real hard. You'll be fine.

Remember Roosevelt island is just like a hike through Moab....expect for the homeless transients. Moab needs to get some more of those.