Wednesday, November 5, 2008

closed minded people

some friends of mine had joked, some quipped seriously, about moving to canada if mccain was elected for another four years of republicans. hell, slate magazine posted a parody video about it! if you missed it, see below. it hasn't even been 12 hours since barack obama has become our first african/american president elect. oh, how the tide has turned!

aside from the elation many feel over this historic election, the anger others feel confounds me. in the short amount of time since it was called, i have heard no less than 5 people within my seven degrees of separation call for moving to canada, costa rica, et al, all because of barack's election.

aren't we all americans first? last time i checked, this wasn't republicanistan, nor is it democratia. i've not traveled outside of our borders too often (four whole days in america lite), but i know by osmosis that beyond isn't as comfortable and easy as these threateners-to-leave make it seem. the only reason it's nice in those countries for you is because you're a prosperous american. you have money. you can afford to make it nice and insulate yourself from the day-to-day realities of many of the people in the world. except of course for canada. it's just effin' cold up there.

so if you're mad, shut your mouth, and act like an adult. a country full of eric cartmans we are not.

"screw you guys, i'm going home." this is america, not trey parker and matt stone's south park, colorado. grow up.

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Miss Blase said...

Wait, what?! We don't live in South Park? Dammit!