Friday, November 7, 2008

rabbit lovers, part deux

in my new recipe series, here's an easy breakfast casserole that you can make for the masses or just your small lil' family. i prepped it last night for our staff breakfast this morning. 'twas a hit. i doubled it since it was for so many, and i'm glad i did. all that's left is about one spoonful from a 8" x 16" casserole dish.

one cup of dry grits. don't use instant.
one cup of shredded cheese. i used sharp cheddar, but you could make this all kinds of delicious with different cheesy blends. sargento makes that pretty easy!
two eggs, beaten
1/4 cup of butter
seasonings to taste.
optional: bacon, sausage, home fries, chili peppers. use your imagination.

cook the grits according to package directions. stir often to keep them from sticking to the bottom of your pot. when they're done, add the other ingredients to the grits and stir well. if you just dump them in, the eggs will probably poach instead of combining to thicken the grits. when you have a uniform, delicious solution, pour into a greased casserole dish.

you can bake it right then in your preheated 350 degree oven, or put it in the fridge overnight. either way, my recipe said to bake it for an hour. that seemed a bit much since everything was pretty much cooked already. i don't know if it holds together better after an hour because i only left it in for 45 minutes. i got so many compliments on it, and yes, it was that easy.

well, except for the butter jumping out of the pot and skittering across the floor. (no, i didn't put it back in! i had more in the fridge, thankfully.) you know how much of a pain in the neck it is to clean butter off linoleum? i don't recommend trying it yourself. well, the butter on the floor nonsense. i do recommend making this for yourself. i bet it keeps real well, and you could eat on it all week long for breakfast. it's probably not very low in calories or saturated fat, but what delicious foods are?!

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