Sunday, November 16, 2008

oh, metro!

i love people watching. a short one from yesterday morning.

headed to foggy bottom, teething toddler screaming bloody murder. as soon as i get on the train, i'm making faces at this kid. he immediately stops crying, starts bouncing and giggling and chewing on his little bitty rattles and toys and such. kind of like growing up going to mass with mom, except i was a little less reserved since it wasn't a stodgy church.

five metro stops later, his parents say thank you, little guy waves goodbye, and i set out for my epic walking adventures.


lacochran said...

Can you please be in my metro train and provide this service? I always seem to be seated near the screaming child and my face apparently isn't quite so amusing.

Mr. J said...

it took many years of boredom at the priest's homilies and practice to keep myself awake providing this service. i'll work on doing it more often!