Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new age exit polls

this is my third presidential election. i've never been exit polled. the cnn and foxnews folks should look to facebook status updates for their exit polls from now on. well, at least for the young folks. if my friends are any indication, obama wins by about 80 points...

i got up at 6:30, was out the door about five minutes later, at the polls by 6:40 i'd estimate. the line was down the block and almost around the corner. i'd say close to 200 deep. i read my magazine cover to cover, shivered a little, and cast my vote. 7:30 i was walking back to my apartment to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. thank GOD it's all over.

yeah, that's not so realistic. here i sit in this bastion of american democracy, mid-atlantic fall descending upon us, foreboding mood outside. i ought to go watch the results roll in, but i'm a victim of inertia right now. she's ill, and most of my other area friends are going to watch the results at the hawk and dove, a capitol hill bar that is apparently THE place to be on election night. i'm not too keen on going into the district because of the weather and my recent bout of experiences with metro's punctuality.

anyone want to go to the arlington drafthouse with me? anyone?

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You had me at Merlot. said...

Is is a bar? Yes? Ok, I'm game.