Sunday, January 4, 2009

i almost forgot!

a month or so ago, i fell in love with a delicious burger from good stuff eatery in capitol hill. on monday night after the gym, i fell in love with a burger much closer to my home. this may be dangerous.

ray's hell burger. is. king.

i'd link you to some reviews from the local critics, but as critics are, they tend to be pissed off and nitpick every detail, especially soon after a grand opening. that was what i found with good stuff initially, and what i found at ray's.

simple menu. build your own burger. pick how you want it cooked, it's all fresh ground quality stuff. i got mine blackened, medium rare. topped it with sauteed onions and 'shrooms with white cheddar. i was starving, and it didn't disappoint. i could eat a bowl of the onions and mushrooms on their own. they were delicious. with so many topping choices, i could make a different burger every day for a month and never have the same combo. some of them might get a little pricey, but such is life with artisinal cheeses, foie gras, and bone marrow options (yes, seriously).

it's been open for less time, there's less hoopla surrounding it, and it's not on pennsylvania avenue. we were able to order quickly and find a seat with no problem. old dominion draft root beer and lots of napkins. i was set.

dammit, now i want another one.

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