Saturday, January 31, 2009

random thoughts edition

my brain is on ramble.

one, i think i may start using proper capitalization, rather than my current usage of proper nouns that i respect beyond simple old names. i'm not e.e. cummings, nor should i feign to be.

two, i have a new tag team blog idea. it was spawned by ridiculous scenarios that often spring from late night imagination. oh, and one of the funniest blogs i keep up with. ma, you might want to shield your eyes. i may enlist a few of the crazies in my cadre of friends. yes, that includes you, palmer.

three, i need to reassess how much information i share with acquaintances. i'm generally a pretty open person, but it's somewhat off-putting when details of my life spread to people i barely know. the result is getting pointedly personal questions about my life, my love, my plans, my hobbies. my impulse is to say, "none of your damn business," when i get them, but that wouldn't be very nice, now would it?

four, carpooling is fun. i had forgotten how much i liked it back when i was a summertime construction worker. the stupid things that justin and i used to do to and from jobsites are recreating themselves with casey. yet another example of fictional ridiculousness that would go nicely in random thought two.
we're going to stock the car with old pairs of underwear we get at goodwill. then at random stoplights when we're bored, toss a pair onto another car's windshield and make a fast getaway. what would go through the pantied driver's head? is that.......? no, couldn't be. it is!!! ewww...

five, i'll sleep when i'm dead.

six, life is good. i'm out.

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Anonymous said...

"i'm not e.e. cummings, nor should i feign to be."

or bob dylan.