Monday, January 12, 2009

shoeless at IUPUI

While this coach isn't getting near the amount of press that his taxi-driver-assaulting colleague is, perhaps he should get far more.

300-plus Coaches to Go Barefoot

The skepticism about good intentions and cynicism over athletes' and their coaches' behavior in general makes us all as sports fans enjoy sports a little bit less. How much happier were you as a sports fan seeing the Gators win the crown, knowing that the quarterback at the helm is a genuinely good person? Or that the linebacker leading the defense isn't going to spend his NFL-riches-to-be on a new Benz, but proper representation so that his incarcerated brother might get a fair trial? Contrast that with the joy you felt at hearing that the Cowboys cut Pacman Jones after his twentieth-time-too-many screw up. Maybe sports weren't so driftless after all. Perhaps all we needed was the media to start highlighting the good instead of the bad...

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