Saturday, December 15, 2007

art gallery

the initial concept and general visualization for an image always begins for me out of everyday experiences as a consumer, from the subconscious repetition of elements of the mass-cultural landscape which unavoidably, and relentlessly, fall into my perception like droplets into an ocean. mixed with aesthetic antennae willfully combing through this junkstream, and a tempered absorption of history and the patterns of past utopias, my hope is that a synthesis greater than the sum emerges, a nostalgically transcendental phenomenon. this new manifestation of previously unrelated and disorganized facts is an attempt to express something about the places we inhabit, the ones we have lost, the places we hoped to make, and the ones we hope to never see.

this is three sentences. grammatically, i suppose it's correct. no one ever gave this emo artist any hemingway to read. terse text is best; this explanation of his weird art would be better served by something along these lines:

so, this one night, i packed a bowl of maui wowie. after a few hits, i started messing around with photoshop...or was it a pair of scissors? damn memory loss. i found some photos, dropped some acid, and came up with this piece. i don't really remember what my inspiration was. let's say it was a little aqua teen hunger force and the my little pony theme song. asking price: too much money!

all kidding aside, last night, missy and i went to an art gallery opening. i didn't see the road bikes parked outside, they must have left them out back. the emo/scenester kids all around made us feel a little out of place. the photos were pretty, the mixed media stuff was strange, and i forgot my scarf and skinny jeans. we left in about 15 minutes and got a drink at a coffee house. ok, emo bashing blog over...

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Vanguard of the Angel's Chrysalis said...

I'm angry my mom didn't buy me the BMW M5 and only bought me the M3. I make art to express this angst. My souls burns with the pains of dealing with white suburbia, my upper-middle class lifestyle, and the private school and opportunities forced upon me. I never asked to be given this burden. My girlfriend dumped me because I was clingy, I will cut myself and expect everyone to pity me. All my friends know this bitter pain. Life is too hard to keep going.