Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas greetings

since technology has devolved our communication ability into shrt txt msgs and inserted LOL and BRB into the national lexicon, it seems only natural that holiday greetings would head the same way.

who here is guilty of sending a text message when a phone call would do better? one-to-one txt msgs, at least you're making it personal. mass text messages where it's clear that you're sending the same message to lots of people, i.e. feeling the need to sign your name...c'mon folks. i know the thought's there. i know we're all busy people, but it's just the 21st century equivalent of the form letter hastily inserted into your christmas card. with worse spelling and less detail. i appreciate the phone calls, or the even late requests for a mailing address. the thought's there.

yeah yeah, i'm a grinch, a scrooge. bah humbug and such. i was guilty of sending a few texts yesterday, but most of them were replies, and only one of them was to more than one person. it was to two people, roommates that would appreciate the picture i attached to it.

our techno-addiction should not devolve us from actually remembering that it's nice to hear someone's voice, and if it's possible, to actually see someone. so, if you're having a small gathering, wishing someone a happy birthday (yes, i know facebook and myspace remind us), or there's an obscure holiday, call someone. don't rely on something with a microprocessor to do it. (yes, i know phones have microprocessors, but i think you get my point!)

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