Friday, December 7, 2007

new names at a new job

has this ever happened to you?

you start a new job. people introduce themselves to you. they more or less automatically assume that you know their names immediately. as time passes, it becomes more and more awkward to ask, "what's your name again?" you try and try and try to remember this one person's name: overhear it in conversation, wait for one of the kids to say it, steal a glance at their id badge. nothing works. you know if you hear it one time, you'll remember it, but damned if you never do!

yeah, me too. rarely is she ever in the same place as the other teachers and instructional ass'ts, so i can't pick it up there. can't ask one of the students in the room she works in, they're a little less than communicative. tried stealing a glance at her i.d. badge, it's always turned the wrong way. in fact, i'm not so sure that it can be seen. the part that makes me feel the worst is that she greets me by name every morning. we talk several times a week while her 4 little charges play on the playground with my 23 rugrats.

i'm a terrible person!

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rachel said...

hmm.. you could come up with an excuse to write her name, and then say, "how do you spell your name?" and then just hope her name isn't something easy to spell like Mary or Jane hehe

I'm really bad with names usually, so I take every opportunity I can in the first week after I've met someone to ask their name, saying "I'm sorry, I'm awful with names." That mostly comes from the internship at Irby though, because besides the second grade teachers, I really never got any other names.