Tuesday, December 4, 2007


disjointed thought processes aside, last week was pretty amazing. read between the lines of friday night's incoherent babbling, and you'll find that i'm supremely busy. this silly city has me burning my candle at all three ends. perhaps why i slept so well on lee's floor on friday night. i'd edit that last post, but i think it's funnier unedited.

to clear some things up, 9:30 club is phenomenal. i wish it were easier to get to. it is a music venue. it's common grounds times two with eddie c's sound system and pros at the controls (non-gainesville people: just imagine awesome). i went to a christmas show and saw sister hazel play. we missed pat mcgee's set, and i got utterly confused. it had been 10 years since i'd seen them...

this weekend's climbing was marvelous. my guinness t-shirt didn't fail me. i put down two long-standing projects of mine, as well as my first V6--the hueco-riffic the shotgun. (non-climbers: that means i'm improving, in spite of my 2 month hiatus). beautiful weather, good friends, inside jokes, unoriginal thoughts, hazzard-included slumber party.

to clarify further my musings on work, i shan't discuss my troubles outside of work too often. monday and wednesday will be my longer days at school, in order to improve my climbing experience at the gym. lower stress levels for me, hopefully increased productivity. the stress level last week reached its fever pitch. i nearly lost my mind. out of sheer frustration, when it finally abated, i refused to think about it. not necessarily very nicely either (sorry, Ma! do you forgive me?) now that work has affected my relationships with my friends and family, i'm going to redouble my efforts to leave it all there. less surfing, more planning and differentiating and collaborating.

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