Monday, December 24, 2007

holiday travel

it's been a while since i've flown anywhere on christmas. i thought i was going to miss all the insanity of christmas travel by flying on sunday. misguided, yes. it seems that no matter when you try to travel around christmas, the airport's going to be slammed. delayed flights, people laid out everywhere. one flight was supposed to leave for the holiday hotspot of des moines, iowa at the next gate. their plane was trapped in madison, wisconsin. when my flight left an hour late, their plane was still in wisconsin, so they were still looking at at least 3 hours of waiting. thanks, mom and dad for living where ice storms are uncommon and pretty much unpossible.

spirit airlines is pretty awesome. leather seats, wide open cabin with no divider between first class and coach. lots of kids, none of them annoying. only complaint: a young couple that brought their damn cats in carriers into the cabin. leave a bowl of water and a bag of food, they'll be fine. but no, they had to sit two rows behind me and allergify my bubble of air. oh yeah, and they charged for drinks and snacks on the flight. $2 not so bad, but they wouldn't take cash, and as a matter of principle, i don't use my credit cards for a $2 transaction.

it's great to be wearing flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt, if only for a little while. packing for warm weather travel is so much easier. at least i'm not going to miss a white christmas in the district. everyone do their snow dance and wear your pajamas inside out for a white new year's!

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