Thursday, December 6, 2007


snow day, i understand. yesterday, no delay, no early release, no snow day. forecast actually called for a dusting. flurries, if you will. yeah, we got close to 3 inches. kids, understandably excited. hell, i could barely contain myself. we weren't allowed to go out for recess. no, that wasn't my decision. i blame the "liability" excuse on people bent on lawyering up and filing lawsuits frivolously. let your kids be kids. yes, they'll get hurt, but who among us didn't have a broken bone, skinned knees/elbows, busted lips, or stitches when you were a kid? don't lie! the world wasn't sterile, and our parents sure didn't think it needed bubble wrapped. i had to be the bad guy and tell the kids they couldn't make snowballs. they couldn't start making snowmen. fact is, i wanted to join them, but these parents and their overprotectiveness would not deal well with wet clothes, wet shoes, or a bruised anything from slipping on the ice...

so, i got to work too early this morning. took some pictures of the beautiful snowy wonderland playground, haven't done much else. i guess i should figure out what my schedule looks like today. pictures will be posted when i get home tonight...maybe.

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You had me at Merlot. said...

we are in the same boat kid, I wanted to leave the rats and catch snowflakes on my tongue

we're a couple of silly Florida kids huh