Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i love this word. in case you don't know:
agita (n) /aw JI tuh/: agitation or anxiety. Ex: The house remodeling gave her agita.
Etymology: Italian agitare: 'to agitate'

tony soprano used it a time or two when things didn't go his way. garbage contracts. disputes with the new york family. me, i've tended to use it with those minor annoyances that don't quite make you angry or truly aggravated.

someone driving five below and you can't get around them. people driving (instead of passing) in the left-hand lane. not being able to start the boulder problem that you flashed last week. only having a half cup of milk when the recipe calls for three-quarters. your roommate uses the last roll of toilet paper and doesn't replace it. rubberneckers that slow traffic to a crawl. a black fly in your chardonnay. those little pet peeves that bother you slightly, but quickly pass. then they make you laugh when you remember how worked up you seemed over it.

what gives you agita?


Rachel (google won't let me sign in for some reason! another agita!) said...

people stopping an entire lane of traffic because they want to merge into the other lane, and -obviously- the best way to do this is come to a complete stop and wait for a nice big opening.

Miss Blase said...

Thesis. The only thing on my mind these days that makes me utterly insane.

Mr. J said...

And just like many school projects that've given you agita over the years, this one will make you laugh too....someday.

Best wishes!