Friday, January 11, 2008

sprint away!

anyone else hate cell phone companies? i do! three and a half years after signing my initial contract (and leaving sprint the first time), i got hit by an early termination fee by sprint (after they acquired nextel) when i ditched them a second time for sub-par service. if you're unhappy with sprint's service, good luck getting loose of their contract without paying dearly. if you're considering changing companies, avoid sprint like the plague.

if i can't get them to drop the charges, i wonder how much it would cost to ship $200 in pennies as a final act of defiance...

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

more news forthcoming.

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rachel said...

semi related, but one time my friend got her car towed. I took her to the bank to get some money, and she talked the tellers into giving her $80 worth of change, just to piss off the tow company. So we took it into the tow office, and the would NOT accept it. They said they only took cash or cards, and we were like, when is change not cash? There was a law student in there getting his car too, and he was ready to fight for us, saying it was American money and they had to take it, but they refused, and we gave up. Had to go to a grocery store and trade it in for bills. So, moral of the story is you had better check your contract and make sure there isn't a no change clause.