Saturday, January 19, 2008

music is food for the soul

you know that i have an...eclectic taste in music. here are the first 10 songs that windows media player spit out on a random playlist this morning.

1) "down home" by alabama. early 80s country classic.
2) "get me off this f***ing island" by chin up chin up. indie rock? i'm not even sure where this track came from.
3) "whisper leaf" by arizona. indie-acoustic. free download.
4) "the eagle" by waylon jennings. jingoistic outlaw country.
5) "natural born killaz" by nwa. groundbreaking gangsta rap.
6) "it's bad you know" by r.l. burnside. background score from the sopranos.
7) "shake it baby" by john lee hooker. blues blues blues.
8) "lightning bolts" by morningbell. the current old men of the gainesville music scene. myspace calls them psychedelic rock.
9) "buffalo soldier" by bob marley and the wailers. classic reggae.
10) "b boys will b boys" by black star (a.k.a. mos def and talib kweli). smart hip-hop emcees.

missing from the mix were jazz, classic rock, soul, punk, bluegrass, dance, folk, electronic, funk, grunge, irish, metal, big band, rat pack-ers, r & b, reggaeton, and southern rock.

then there's the stuff that can't really be categorized. stuff that crosses genres, on the fringes of all. that's the stuff i really like. musically, it sounds like country, but lyrically it's punk. musically, punk; lyrically, 80s bubblegum pop. you get the idea. any recommendations for new stuff to listen to?


rachel said...

have you ever listened to Charles Brown? He's a blues singer, and one of his songs was a free download on iTunes a few years ago. I bought one of his albums and really liked it a lot. I Put Myself Together is one of my favorites that I've listened to.

wanderlust said...

The Avett of my new favorite bands..great in concert.