Saturday, January 26, 2008


myself back to health that is. the whiplash-like symptoms are gone, thank God! the bruise on my lower back is still there, but it's not reminding me every single step.

climbed for the first time tonight in about a week. went well. i sent a long standing project of mine. ok, it was only 2 weeks, but give me some credit! anyhow, i was careful of any falls or anticipated falls. no major mishaps. if this injury lingers, maybe it will help my climbing. sounds crazy i know, but my footwork improved vastly when i sprained my ankle. it helped that i had to be really deliberate about foot placement and movement to not tweak it. with this, i make sure that each move i make is going to stick, and i'm ever aware of the jarring my body takes when i just jump off after i send. perhaps i'll be more ninja-like when i land once i finally heal...

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