Friday, January 11, 2008

kid quotes

thus far today, i've laughed out loud twice at things girls have said.

girl one walks in wearing a brand new ferrari shirt. i comment on how nice it looks. response, "yeah, last night we got our new ferrari, so they gave me this shirt." that's right, her dad bought a ferrari and all she got was a t-shirt. this is the same child whose father has been rolling in a maserati for most of the school year.

FERRARI ADDENDUM: she walks in after school with her dad and asks if i want to see it. um, yes! turns out it's not brand new, but it's close enough. 1987 ferrari mondial convertible. 24,000 miles. arrest me red, black leather interior. cherry! best part, he bought it on a whim more or less. because the transmission on the maserati went out.

girl two, giving an example of a dangerous thing that you should not taste or smell, "iocane powder because it is odorless and tasteless. you shouldn't touch it because it's poison." she obviously is a princess bride fan!

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