Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the past week

in a past life, i was an occasional scribbler on palmer and clowe's active guy blog. staying active is more fun that sitting on the couch and being lazy. problem is it makes me tired. i just have to face the facts.

i'm getting old.

there, i said it. damn all you friends that have been saying it for years! yes, i know i have little hair left and my joints pop and creak when i climb or run. the last seven days have proven to me that i can't be frenetically active day after day without crashing. burning my candle at both ends was much easier at the other end of my twenties.

it all started last tuesday. climbed at the gym. pretty good day. next day, hit the road in my worn out running shoes and ran about 3 miles. i think. i can't figure out distance around here, i'm guessing based on time. thursday, back at the gym. finally sent a V6 project. left feeling pretty good, but tired. friday, running again, less distance probably, but same amount of time. saturday morning, up with the rooster's crow to get some real stone beneath my fingers. tack on what amounted to a 6 mile round trip approach hike with crash pad, and i was pretty wiped out by saturday night. instead of taking off the sabbath, i decided to hike the same section of the billy goat trail with her. two hours later, smelling like roses, head home. monday night, back at the gym. projecting a V7 now. i pieced it.

last night, benadryl aside, i finally crashed. i should've gone running, but i didn't make it. tonight, the gym is calling and we'll see how the extra sleep last night and the day off helped me. listen close, you might hear my cheer or my fall from grace...

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