Tuesday, July 15, 2008

dr. hell yeah!

the backdrop, the national mall. [no, lee, there's no national food court or national gap or national fish emporium. that wasn't an original thought, nor was it funny.] behind me, the sunset skies backlighting the washington monument. to my right, the rising moon. in front of me, the lights illuminating the capitol dome. above me, crystal clear night skies. around me, thousands of movie lovers waiting patiently for this year's screen on the green opening night.

the opening music for hbo, who sponsors this yearly summer cinematic spectacle, compels the regulars to dance wildly. by dance, i mean jump maniacally and swing your arms skyward, like those demented ten foot tall inflatable people more often seen at car dealerships that take after edvard munsch's the scream more than actual people. the cheers fade, and tweety and sylvester battle in a quick merrie melodies short. i think this is regular, for last year when i saw casablanca at the end of the summer, that putty tat and tweety were featured also. we'll see as the season progresses. then finally, our feature presentation.

bond, james bond in the first of the series, dr. no.

"hi, my name is ben, and i am (mostly) a james bond virgin." that's right, ladies and gents, bond week on tnt was always during finals week, so i never got to enjoy the flicks in their entirety. this time around, i now know where the spy movie franchise started. i finally saw all the inspiration for the austin powers jokes. sure, i knew that was the origin intuitively, but it's different to see the scenes firsthand, finally! loved the movie. the rest of the bond franchise (at least the connery years) are going on the netflix queue as soon as i post this.

a late night dash to catch the last orange line train out of the city, and a good nights' sleep later, i'm off to plot my next screen on the green outing. will it be arsenic and old lace on july 28th, the apartment on august 4th, or superman on august 11th? one thing's certain: i sure hope i get to see all three!

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