Tuesday, July 1, 2008

didja get your scene card?

today i picked up my newly-acquired steel frame road bike from the repair shop. not much, just a tune-up and some new tires, since no one can figure out how long my old school fuji was dry rotting in granny's garage. i took it for a spin today. i tried my best to look the part. non-khaki shorts that could've been dickies. graphic t-shirt. messenger bag. the only thing missing was a funny cycling hat and skinny jeans with sneakers. i noticed one scene kid in a passenger seat give me a thumbs-up as i pedaled up a hill on wilson blvd, something i'd never gotten before on my mountain bike.

two observations. one, it takes just as long in regular traffic times to bike somewhere as it would to drive. rush hour bumper-to-bumper, i presume that would give the bike an advantage; though i also presume it'd be more treacherous among the hulking combustion beasts. two, there aren't nearly enough places to hitch a bike at the metro stations. i finally found a hoop that i can only presume was for bicycle attachment and lockdown. when i returned to the metro station after my doctor's appointment (i took the train there because i thought it'd be a bit too much to huff 5 miles and show up stinking), i discovered the bike racks that were located in the station. you learn something new every day.

i could get used to this lazing about all day. provided the weather stays 79 and breezy. an aspiring scene kid can dream, can't he?

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