Sunday, July 20, 2008

rocky mountain high

quick update from the rockies. my god, it's amazing out here. i just got back from two days climbing in rocky mountain national park. still snow on the ground. the parking lot's elevation was 9,475 feet. the crag was over 10,000. i climbed well on the first day, on granite no less. warmups were fun. first problem of the day was called autobot. apparently, it's a little less heady when you have snow below you filling up what is a tiger pit in the melted season. looks pretty sketch from pictures, but the long climb had a stunningly beautiful reward after the top out. it's now the wallpaper on my cellphone. we got rained on and hightailed it out of the park before i got any more good sends.

i'm feeling confident that if we return again next week before i leave, i'll knock off a pretty stout problem or two. yesterday's highlight was watching climbing. insanely strong climbers abound in this part of the country. i witnessed a climber fall one move short of a V14. what does that mean? world-class talent, folks. earlier in the day, another resident strong guy put down a V12. insane. i'm not quite there yet, but the attitude out here isn't one of grade chasing, more one of aesthetically pleasing, fun climbing. i'm all about that. catch you again when i get a chance. check for the pictures when i get back.


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Jennifer said...

Sounds amazing!!! We fell in love with Colorado on our Honeymoon there is so much to do outdoors all year round and the mountain view is priceless.

Took me a bit to get used to the altitude though. I am not too educated on climbing terms but sounds like your seeing some great talent out there. I need to get a teaching job like you, I miss summers off!!! Have fun!!!

-Jenn =)