Sunday, July 20, 2008

odd conversations

life has a funny way of teaching you things. first and foremost, lessons learned present themselves in seemingly unexpected ways. last night, we walked back to c.p.'s from dinner. palmer and i got into a random conversation about relationships and the like. not the person that i'd normally have such conversations with, but a few revelations came up about my life of the last year.

random times in gainesville, a lot of which with palmer, shaped where i am today. how so? well, were it not for the holding on to my past and trying to relive the college times that i didn't really have, i might not be where i am today. all of my missteps in relationships over the last two years brought me to the point i am today. happy beyond words.

people often ask me, "why d.c.? why not colorado or chattanooga or some other seemingly awesome climbing destination?" the short answer i usually give has something to do with chance, throwing a dart at a map. the long answer, well, you know why i'm not in korea. i'm considering more and more that was a blessing in disguise. sure, my life may have been open to the possibility of true happiness regardless of where i landed in my leap of faith, but i'd also like to think that fate intervened in putting me in d.c., pretty much alone on my 28th birthday. it was such a random lineup of occurrences that i can't help but think that a higher power had a hand in it. i chose to be happy. in doing so, i think i forgot all the pain of my past, the wariness of relationships, and the terror at winding up alone.

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