Friday, July 11, 2008

happy 7eleven day

being deprived of them for ten years, the novelty of a slurpee has now returned. [for those uninformed readers, gainesville florida, for reasons beyond my comprehension, has neither a 7eleven or a jiffy store with a passable substitute for a slurpee.] lucky me, there's a 7eleven between my apartment and the pool, er...her new townhouse. a buck thirty-two and some sweet summer refreshment. hey, it's hard work coming up with things to do all summer long!

today is july eleventh. 7-11, if you will. to slurpee lovers everywhere, free slurpee day. i stopped for mine on my way back from the pool this afternoon. not only were they out of freebies, they were out of my second favorite flavor--coke. traditionalist that i am, i pretty much refuse to try these new incarnations of flavors made out of crappy energy drinks. i remember when they rolled out the coke flavor. i was skeptical, but at least coke tastes good on its own. actually, there is one other flavor that i liked. waaaaaay back in the day--well, before my 7eleven exile known as gainesville, there was a 7eleven in deerfield beach at A1A and hillsboro that had tangerine slurpees. my girlfriend at the time really enjoyed that tasty flavor, so by sheer high school goggled logic, i did too. i distinctly remember getting at least one tangerine orange stain out of my shirts from their leaky cups or my sloppy pouring. anyhow, we'd get slurpees and walk along the beach...until the cops came and yelled at us for loitering or trespassing or some other nonsense.

out of sheer desperation after being in the pool for three hours, i tried the mountain dew flavor today. in a word, awful. the coke flavor wasn't frozen at the time, and the other three flavors were monster energy drink urea. that 7eleven needs to get their act together and bring back the original cherry fanta.

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