Wednesday, July 9, 2008


arlington county cops are full of themselves. they have this puffed-out sense of importance that supersedes all other considerations and laws. in the past few months, i've seen them turn on their lights and sirens just to run a red light, close intersections rather than direct traffic when the power goes out, and generally ignore those they are sworn to "protect and serve." in the last week, i've been unlucky enough to deal with their self importance at my own detriment. it's treacherous not being in a car!

monday or so, i was walking back from the metro, on the sidewalk for once. i must've been two blocks from home. ms. self-important county cop decides that pedestrians don't have the right of way and ran a stop sign, almost hitting me. she even had her window down, and mouthed "i'm sorry". what was so important? she had to drive one block, presumably to give backup, but really just to sit in her unmarked crown vic while the other uniformed cop took care of the moving violation. grr!

today, riding my bike to the metro station, coming up to an intersection. on the defensive because i don't yet know what to expect as a bicycling road resident, a minivan makes a left in front of me as the light turns yellow. behind minivan, lo and behold, mr. county cop guns his cruiser and just as quickly slams on his brakes. i swerve to avoid him. he was so far in my way, i wound up passing him on his passenger side. again, i had the right-of-way; though this time, i could've wound up on the windshield of a police cruiser. grrr squared!

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