Saturday, July 5, 2008

independence day

as it creeps closer to a year out of florida, i'm continually bombarded with memories of where i was a year ago and the long path that has brought me here. a path that i never imagined.

last year, i spent the fourth in alachua, watching the fireworks at their community gathering. local country cover bands. funnel cakes. former students running about. my confusing and complex summer running through my mind and coursing through my veins. the what-ifs of my impending departure, with nothing definite for my upcoming year. one month later, i'd be couch surfing and still jobless.

one year later, on the fourth, i consider myself incredibly more blessed. less stress vexes me. new love elates me. a new city amazes me. watching the fireworks in the presence of so much history and so much beauty left me speechless yet again.

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