Wednesday, March 5, 2008


it took me all of standard time to figure it out. i can't quite adjust to finding my way around because it's pretty well dark when i leave for work, and more often than not, it's been pretty dark when i leave work. my old scout tricks of finding north don't really fly in the city or the 'burbs. there's no moss growing on the north side of trees and there's nary a star in the sky, not even polaris.

the roads here aren't particularly grid-like, i have no maps, and just because a road sign says you're headed north doesn't make it so. trial-and-error (as was the case today) often leads into unanticipated snarled traffic. when summer rolls around, i might actually enjoy knowing where i'm going several hundred miles from my new home.

i am headed to AAA's website right now to order road maps for me to study. i'm going to pin them on the roof of the truck. maybe the wall behind the toilet?

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