Monday, March 17, 2008

shamrocks shamrocks everywhere!

[announcer voice]: saturday! march 15th! rfk stadium grounds! fifty bands! ten stages! beer! carnival rides! food! dc101's shamrockfest!

ahem. sorry, don't know what got into me. i spent a beautiful day in the sun yesterday. close to seventy outside. no clouds. music. ok, mostly cover bands where i stood, but still...

best part. i only paid 70 cents for it. whaaaat? here's the math. free ticket (valued at $20). free t-shirt (valued at concert prices of $43. no, not really). two free $5 food vouchers (really? you can't figure that out?). free chicken fingers and pizza and soda to boot (at carnival prices, $13). free beer (three at five bucks a pop). so far, my outlay is exactly zero. metro ride round trip $3.70. spent $7 on a philly cheesesteak with the food vouchers and got $3 cash in change. $3.70 minus $3.00 equals seventy cents spent. how did i get this amazing deal? i sold my soul to hiball events and the james madison university alumni association for four hours of pouring bud light at the beer trucks. tips went to scholarships. music went in my ears. sun went on my head.

after my duty was up, checked out the music after some grub. up-and-coming non-cover band out of richmond. carbon leaf. great stuff. i highly recommend catching them if they hit your town.

people watching was entertaining as usual. she's in spain, and i was hanging out with her friends all day. quote unquote, "you're becoming one of the gang." or something like that. if one of us noticed an interesting character, most of us did and had good laughs. the frat boy in the pink polo shirt. the guy that chugged his beer before he left the truck to get another. the guys that ran through the line like it was a marathon water table. the guys that came back five times an hour and their eventual descent into stupor, though they maintained they were fine. all the kilts. all the green and shamrocks. it was quite entertaining to see. much better than being the sober guy at the bar, that's for sure.

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