Monday, March 31, 2008

pain is temporary...

pride is forever. or so goes the motivational t-shirt. today, i disagree. pain feels permanant, and my pride is bruised at least for a little while...

it hurts to walk after yesterday. when trying any new physical activity, it's best to not go into it full bore. like a bat out of hell. like a chicken with its head cut off. willy nilly. i should take that advice more often. i was battered and bruised in late december after my first mountain + snow excursion. i had trouble moving oh-so-many years ago after my first jaunt into the realm of rock climbing. yesterday, she and i decided to go on a leisurely bike ride.

leisurely, eh? my quads and seat contact point disagree. sixteen miles and one hot tub soak later, i'm still thinking ibuprofen may be coursing through my veins for a few days. my woefully inadequate bicycle and skill set spent the majority of the ride realizing that i'm dating a well-rounded athlete. what was a casual bit of recreation for her was pure exertion for me. i warned her she was going to run me into the ground. after a half-mile, my quads agreed. at least the weather was nice. 40s. overcast. headwind both ways.

to top it all off, when i was taking a post-beating nap, someone liberated my bike from my possession. i guess this means that my fifteen year-old bike now resides in some teenagers garage. my only hope is that an overly-curious bike fixer upper gets a little too nosy about the gainesville, coral springs, and sunrise, florida stickers from various police agencies and bike shops. i was already contemplating selling it on craigslist as it were. guess i'm out a few bucks.

any suggestions on used road, hybrid, or mtn. bikes?

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