Thursday, March 13, 2008

forgetful thoughts

random thoughts have been running through my head lately. as i have resolved to not be a boring, pathetic loser while she's gone for two weeks, i have a spell to put them on, screen. you know what i mean.

1) vomit. still gross. i'm glad my immediate gag reflex at the sight and/or smell of vomit has lessened. yesterday, boy tells me, "mr. j, i've got to throw up." he looks up at me with it dribbling down his chin, shirt and sleeve onto the floor in the hallway.

2) blackberries are the new bane of my existence. parents that have them, yes, there are many, do not use typical margins, spacing, or capitalization. this is the stepbrother to the txt msg fx i sometimes see in normal emails from the non-blackberry crowd. it occurred to me last week why some parents' emails were terse and almost telegram like, while later in the day they'd have correct form and all. does this mean i need to teach that kind of grammar form to the kids too?

3) i don't have the energy or patience or time to buy a car now. i think i've got the freedom now to walk off the lot and not come back if i don't like the salesman. the danger ranger's still kicking. hopefully, spring break's road trip won't be her last hurrah.

4) is it spring break yet? seriously, my mind is frazzled. i can't wait to lift a few pints on st. patty's, pour a little on the ground for my homies not with me, and make up ridiculous life plans for places i'll never go again.

5) i'm crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that there's still snow at blue knob next week. i might just have to stop if the conditions look good. there's no way that i can spend 3 or 4 days in ebensburg with nothing to do.

6) that ain't all, but it's all i've got time for. gotta get the kids.

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