Saturday, March 29, 2008


spring snows settled silently last weekend. not quite as surreal. oddly, i've gotten used to snow, though little we had. i guess being out of my environment at granny's may have had something to do with that. early in the winter, when we actually had snow on the ground for a day or two or three, it seemed odd to me. growing up with rain or harder rain being the only likely precipitation possibilities, adding snow, freezing rain, and hail to the equation still throws me.

it's not snow that has been the most confusing to my brain. these colors and blossoms and new trees, none of which i can call by their proper names. in the fall, it was the eye-popping colors when the leaves changed. springtime, it's proving to be the never-ending rows of blossoming trees. my brain registers it as entirely surreal. a cgi hack job. photoshop brought to real life. surreality. i don't quite know when my mind will revert to appreciating the beauty in it rather than simultaneously questioning its very existence...

one thing's certain, i'm enjoying the resurgence of my interest in photography. pictures to follow for sure.

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