Saturday, March 8, 2008


i never knew i had esp. i've got espn, the deuce, espn classic and espnU, but no esp.

mid-'80s toyota camry, more rust than paint. probably over 200K miles. distracted moron behind the wheel. see it?

driver pulls too far into the intersection. light turns red. instead of going, driver backs up to the turn lane. me, i'm fine. no worries, he's got plenty of room.

looking through his rear window, i see the glint of a cell phone glued to his ear in the rearview mirror. reverse lights still on. raise your hand if you've ever had someone do this in front of you. that many?

can you tell where this is going? my hand shifts to the horn, knowing full well what's going to happen when the light turns green.

green. zoom. honk. skid. shift. zoom in correct direction.


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