Friday, March 7, 2008


i successfully fought off my first cold of the season. a stiff regimen of nyquil, tylenol cold, and vitamin overdoses in the form of airborne did the trick. extra sleep helped. i'd like to blame it on my kinfolk, but we're not sure who was first with the bug...

so, surprisingly, last night, i ventured out into chinatown to an irish pub called fado's for some awesome live music. scythian is the band. i highly recommend visiting one of their shows. bouncing crowd. high-energy bluegrass meets a mellower brand of irish punk. think more comprehensible, less angry dropkick murphys or flogging molly. they rocked out hava nagila, some song from fiddler on the roof, and put an irish twist on some dc101 airplay. that's most of what i got to see. i hope i catch their set at shamrock fest next weekend!

[what is the corrolary to adding insult to injury? to add fresh powder to blue skies? good friction to strong climbing? whipped cream to chocolate chip banana pancakes? the cherry on top?] aside aside, add in a visit to the district from one max merrick miller (of ankeny, iowa fame). we had a grand time reminiscing about times from way back when and people we ain't seen since then. stories of snipers, divorcees, and RVs. that was just from florida-georgia one year! it seemed to be hat night, and i was without one of my new trademark hats. i will not make that mistake next weekend at RFK.

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