Friday, May 30, 2008

a comedy of errors, friday edition

i'm taking monday off. sort of. i have a literal mountain of paperwork to take care of before wednesday next week. i'm not kidding when i say that it's a foot high. report cards and the like will plague me all day. as such, i had to plan for a substitute for monday as well. that done, i left work far too late. i soon found out why this was a bad idea for the friday afternoon commute.

1) i missed the doo on dc101. often silly and random, the drive home dj plucks a song from the radio's library that used to be big and doesn't get airplay anymore, or occasionally drops some rockin' new jams on us. i've missed it most of this week somehow, just a symptom of this time of year.

2) not far from school, sitting at a traffic light, a bubbly woman in a toyota corolla got on the gas a little too eagerly when it turned green and rear-ended me. she got the worst of it, grill and hood dinged with some white paint. last time that happened, a 16 year-old in daddy's cadillac got the scare of his life. same disposition. also a maroon car. honestly, as much traffic as there is around here, i'm surprised it hasn't happened until now.

3) bumper to bumper on 395. radio said the accident was cleared up an hour ago. delays persisted. for ten miles. i jumped off first chance i got and explored.

4) a bit of luck on my side, i finagled my way to a road i recognized. i wound up sitting at a light about a mile from my house. while police cruiser after cruiser came tearing through the intersection, lights on, sirens wailing.

you know, if i had any sense about me, i'd lock the deadbolt, chain the door, and stay in for the weekend. but i don't. i'm just gonna laugh about this, shrug it off, and hope my driving luck doesn't result in a one hour commute home ever again!

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