Monday, May 26, 2008

weddings weddings, everywhere

over the last two weeks, i've been to two weddings. quite a fun contrast between the two of them.

last weekend, you can see the attire to your left. this weekend, linen pants and a borrowed hawaiian shirt. i wanted to wear a white linen shirt, but the bride told me no. apparently, the groom was the only one who was allowed to wear white. who knew?!

last weekend, day trip to richmond. this weekend, we pitched a tent in the backyard.

last weekend, very scripted church wedding and country club reception. tuxedoed bartenders serving wine and cocktails in proper glassware. tuxedoed waiters and waitresses circulating among the cocktail-handed guests with tiny hors d'oeuvres. sit down surf and turf. wedding cake. bride, her friend. this weekend, laid-back, festive affair in the backyard. mai tais, ice cold draft beer. roast pig. buffet. bride, my friend.

similarities, there were many. the groom's expression when he first saw his bride in her dress. the happy tears of the mothers. the princess bride theme. girls dancing way more. the fight for the bouquet. none of the guys even looking the right way to catch the garter. four happy families in all.

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