Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lessons from mum

way back when, clip-on ties became uncool and it became necessary to learn how to tie a real necktie. according to gq, esquire, and various other men's magazines, it is just one of those skills of a gentleman. my father knows how to tie one, he just rarely wears them. my mother was the one that taught me. i think. why is it the same in many movies the women are the ones teaching their sons or tying their husband's tie?

movie one, the american president. michael douglas, as the president of the united states, can't tie his own tie. his daughter lucy ties it for him. she learned how from her mother. no son in the picture, but why doesn't the pres know how?

last night, i watched part of a german drama called the lives of others. the playwright georg is having a 40th birthday party. his girlfriend buys him a tie, teasing him about not being able to tie one. of course, he denies that and disappears to do so. while struggling with it, he pokes his head out into the hall to grab his neighbor to help him tie it. the neighbor? a woman.

today at work, it's necktie day as part of spirit week. i was asked to tie two ties today, for women oddly enough, when i realized that i can't tie them for others, only myself. somehow i need to hone that skill someday i can pass it along to my son when he graduates from clip-ons...

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