Friday, May 2, 2008

dream catcher

i rarely remember my dreams, and i woke up with my pulse racing at 2:30 last night from a nightmare. i've got no appetite for breakfast right now, and i'm curious about what my dreams from last night meant.

first one, i was climbing with random friends. some climbers, some not. we were deep water soloing and free soloing. crash pads, no ropes, somewhere touristy out west. we were next to a mcdonald's at my apartment. some of the guys were buildering (climbing the building) to my balcony, which was somewhere high up. a friend that'd already made it all the way up was goofing off and fell off the balcony. he hit a cliff on the way down before he settled on the crash pad we were using for our shenanigans. didn't die, but his leg wasn't exactly bending properly. the medical airlift helicopter couldn't land because of a mcdonald's helicopter bringing ronald mcdonald to some kid's birthday party. we were screaming at the chopper, ronald was waving like a goon. they finally went away, and i woke up as they were loading landon into the chopper. interpretation?

second, she and i went to paris on a whim. ran into my parents at some random museum. i tried paying our admission to a clerk that spoke no english and my very limited french was no help. i guess counting to three and saying i don't know won't get you very far after you ask if they can speak english and the answer's no. anyhow, i only had dollars, she was trying to figure out the exchange rate between francs (yes, i know they use the euro now), and disappeared. some other employee took us inside to search for her in the darkened museum gift shop. we never found her, so she took my money and ran presumably. we started checking out the museum, which turned out to be a cross between a car show, a car museum, and the gem exhibit at the natural history museum all crammed in a 12th century castle that had turned into a shopping mall. interpretation?

third, somewhere else in my head. randomly, i was hanging out with tim tebow at some deli that was in his apartment. we became friends because i didn't really care that he was tim tebow. everyone else was falling all over themselves because he was tim tebow. that's all i can remember.


Miss Blase said...

Woah, Ronald McDonald has his own personal chopper?

been there said...

don't eat spicy foods after 8!

You had me at Merlot. said...

Go Gators! You dream in Orange and Blue.