Friday, May 16, 2008


seven years or so, i've had my email address. seven years of listening to my friends complaints about hotmails lax spam controls and having an inbox full of spam from viagra schillers and snake oil salesmen. seven years of bliss from not having their problems with the bane of email. it ended on wednesday.

some spambot sold my email address. likely culprit, a suvey website of which i previously participated. all of the spams are coming from survey sites. well, and then there was the one from yesterday that claimed i joined their site in 1982. unlikely since al gore hadn't invented the internet yet.

if and when i figure out where it came from, i'll spam bomb them back. everything from brigham young to larry flynt will crash their system and their doors with the same viagra pitches, penis enlarging creams, and home encyclopedia sets. anyone know how to do that?

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